Thursday, October 13, 2016

3 Reasons Why You Need Bulk-SMS In Your Life

Brief intro: is a proven highly efficient means of bulk-sms communications, both in cost and instant message delivery to any country in the world; fill full/comprehensive delivery report.

Now Just take a moment to see briefly, some of the ways in which Cheap Global SMS will help you, in various aspect of your life.

1. Have you heard of love charm? It's real.  (Not the one that native doctors does; Who is even talking about them).
Anyway, you can magically (and easily) win the heart of anyone here

2. Meanwhile, the Customized Periodic SMS feature on Cheap Global SMS is the definition of PERFECTION when it comes to seamless communications and maintaining sound relationship with your: Customers, Staffs, Church/Fellowship Members, Family and Friends
Try it:

3. International Bulk SMS API and Widget
If you are a developer, Let's blow your mind! Have a look at (Now that's called 'Tailor-made').
And in case you are the type that likes to have full control of how your coffee is prepared, See our well documented SMS developer API at

Sunday, March 6, 2016

How much does 1sms really cost in Naira from bulk SMS Provider

Please note, that the calculations here is assuming that you purchase the bulk sms units at 1.89 per unit (which as at the time of writing this article, is the price, if you are buying the lowest quantity of sms units at )

Please note that price is not strictly #1.89 per unit (if you are buying greater units, the price per unit reduces accordingly).
See the price list at

That said; Now, to some networks (e.g the gsm networks of Nigeria; Mtn, etisalat, airtel and glo) sending one page of sms from requires 1 unit.
I.E; at 1.89 naira per unit,
1sms =1 x 1.89 = 1.89 NGN

Meanwhile, to some countries/networks, it may require more than 1 unit to send a page of Sms.
(see the sms units for each network at )

E.g: if sending 1 page of sms to networks in the United States costs 2 units, this implies:
1sms = 2 x 1.89 = 3.78 NGN